The Best Influencer Agencies in the US

In the US, some of the best influencer agencies specialize in creating content for brands. These agencies have strong relationships with influencers in certain markets and can use them to boost sales. In addition, they provide transparent reporting of their efforts. These companies have access to over 500,000 influencers on the top social media platforms, and they can help you grow your brand and reach targeted audiences.
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For example, IMA Agency, formerly known as Fashiolista, works with companies and brands to develop and implement effective influencer marketing campaigns. This agency is well-versed in identifying the best influencers for conversion-led campaigns and has over 10 years of experience. Their teams include performance marketers and in-house production teams to produce branded content that targets target audiences.

Another top influencer marketing agency in the US, Americanoize, offers a variety of services. Its team can handle everything from strategy to contracting and execution. They also specialize in TikTok and Instagram campaigns. They provide full-service influencer marketing and content creation and management services, and they also work with companies to target Gen Z and Millennials through their social media channels. They also support a number of clients, including Bud Light, Sony Music, and Google.

Go Fish Digital works with a variety of clients from large companies to small businesses, and their campaigns are data-driven and personalized for each brand. Their award-winning campaign strategies are proven to get results, so it’s worth checking out their services.

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